Creating a Classroom Video

1. Open QuickTime Player on your computer. You can search for it using the magnifying glass.

2. Click File - New Movie Recording

3. You will have to allow the microphone and camera.

3.1. If your QuickTime says, “QuickTime player does not have access to the camera,” click on the apple symbol in the corner of your screen and choose “System Preferences”
3. 2. Click on Security and Privacy. Choose “Camera” on the left, then check QuickTime Player. It will force you to close QuickTime Player, so make sure you reopen it.

4. Click record to begin recording. When you are finished, you can stop the recording by pressing the stop button.

5. Press File, Save As, and choose an appropriate name and save location for your file.

6. You can attach your movie to an email by just dragging it into the compose area, or by pressing the paperclip and navigating to it.

TIP: Do not make your video more than 2-3 minutes long. If you do, it will take a long time for the students to download. You can always film your videos in parts.

How to video (please download)

Using Quicktime to video lessons