Google Meet

Google Meet Instructions for Staff

1. Go to your G-Mail
2. Ensure you are signed into your MSSD14 email
3. Go to Google Calendar – ensure you are in your personal calendar
4. Click in on a date
5. Create an event for your class – Title is uniquely, for example “Weimer block 1A”
6. Set the time frame for your class – THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP- set your time frame according to the time block of your class, once your class time is over students will not be able to rejoin a section that is already completed
7. Where it says add rooms, location, or conferencing – select to add conferencing and Google Meet will automatically create a URL, copy this URL
8. Select save

Now go to canvas and paste the link you have copied into your announcements

When the time comes for your class that you have set in Google calendar, go to, choose your session, and select to ‘Join now’ (make sure you have given access to your microphone and camera)

From here students may click the link and automatically join in on your Google Meet session

Some students with an older iOS may need to download the Google Meet app (in the app catalog). When they hover over the link in Canvas, they can choose open in Google Meet. Say to not allow the microphone, but allow the camera, and then it will ask them to sign in with their email.

Use Quicktime for teaching live on Google Meet - Open Quicktime. Go to File/New Movie recording. You don’t have to actually record but use the screen provided if teaching on a whiteboard or surface so students do not see things backwards.

Record the session, make sure to STOP your recoding when you are done
Please click the record button to record the session, you can find your recoding in a folder in google docs called "Meet Recordings" . It may take a few minutes before you see the recoding in the google folder.

Please download the movie to your laptop.

Google Meet up instruction - movie