In Kindergarten we strive to provide opportunities to learn and practice social skills, study skills and problem solving.We work to develop self-esteem and confidence. Nurturing curiosity and a love of learning through hands-on experiences. Encourage cooperation and teamwork

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Develop early literacy skills through a balanced program of phonemic awareness, phonics and language.Building a love of reading and writing in a language rich environment.
Develop number sense and problem solving skills with hands-on math activities.

Useful Information:

Enrollment Age Requirement: Students must 5 years of age by September 1.

Class times: School begins at 8:00. School lets out at 2:50. Attendance is very important as much of what we do in class is hands on and experiential and cannot be sent home. Help your child learn the importance of education by being here on time daily.

Friday Folders: folders will go home every Friday. Please review the papers with your child, sign the folder and return it the following Monday. Remember that much of the learning in kindergarten is hands on and not paper and pencil. In addition, there will be a weekly newsletter to keep you informed of what we are doing in class. Occasionally time sensitive material goes home midweek in the backpack so remember to check backpacks daily.

Communication: It is the school policy that if changes in transportation happen or if a child is going home with someone else we need either a note or a phone call to the office. We can’t take the word of a child. It is very helpful to me to know about each child and if you think there is something that I should know please don’t hesitate to email me to let me know.
Even something small can affect a child’s behavior and knowing makes things much easier. I check my email throughout the day and it is the best way to keep up. My email address is [email protected] . We will have our first conference at the end of October, but you can always talk with me after school or during my planning time, which is 8:15-9:15 (Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fri) and 10:25-11:25 on Thursday.

Recess: We try to go out to recess several times each day. It is a break and a chance for more informal play, as well as a release of energy in a positive way.
Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. Label items with your child’s name if at all possible.

Snacks: Each day we will have a short snack time. Please send a small, healthy snack with your child each day. No sweets or soda please. They may also bring a water bottle if they would like. I will provide a snack for those who forget and greatly appreciate donations of crackers and gold fish!
It is less confusing for kids if their snack is in a separate place from their lunch even if it is in a side pocket.

Sharing: We will begin a sharing time called “Look and Listen” a few weeks into the school year. It is based around a theme and your child will have an assigned day of the week to share. If they miss their day we will try to squeeze it in where we can but they may have to wait for the next week. This gives the children practice in both listening and speaking to a group.
Students are not allowed to bring toys to school. Please make sure your child leaves toys at home.

Birthdays: If you would like to send in a treat for your child’s birthday please let me know in advance. Please try and send a healthy treat rather than cupcakes. We will have a day to celebrate summer birthdays close to the end of the year. It is the school policy that birthday invitations are not sent to school.

Parent helpers: I love to have parent participation and all help is welcome! I will work with you to find out what you are most comfortable doing be it running off papers or working with students. Spontaneous visits are also great. The door is always open! I will hold off on helpers for the first couple of weeks to give everyone time to settle into the routine. The best time to come in and help us is during our literacy time from 10:30-11:30 except Tuesday when we have TEAMS.

Homework: In kindergarten the most important homework is reading together and practicing new skills like letter and number recognition. I will write ways that you can support learning at home on the weekly newsletter. Occasionally I will send home papers for extra practice on skills that we are working on in class. This is not mandatory and does not need to be returned to school.

This year will be filled with fun experiences. I am always willing to discuss your concerns and ideas. Please don’t hesitate to email and schedule a time to talk with me.

[email protected]