Board End Statement #2

Board End Statement #2

“Students have acquired the skills and knowledge required to be productive citizens and contribute to their communities.”

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3 Social Studies

This slide shows second quarter social studies grades for all social studies grades across both elementary schools.  The slides demonstrate that the majority of students are scoring within the proficient range (with some a little below and others a little above) at this point in the school year.  Differences between skills and application are still being analyzed.

Second Grade Science Science Average


Our Elementary wide science averages provide a strong picture of student proficient (or above) achievement in science skills and application.  All average fall near or above the proficient expectation for all grades.  Variations above or below proficiency are still being analyzed. Our teachers are proud of the consistency and accuracy in grading that our rubrics have allowed. This is also revealed in these graphs.



There is no green “proficient” line on this slide because ALL our school wide Art averages are above this point on this graph’s y-axis range. The higher levels of proficiency here represent the different nature of personalized artistic expression through art when combined with the more traditional acquisition of art content and knowledge.


Like our averaged Art Grades, the wonderful personalized expectations and unique input of student musical creativity likely affect proficiency levels when combined with the more traditional music content and knowledge.  As you can see our students are proficient or above in many of the required components of this discipline. Whether or not this is influenced by our overall focus on developing the whole child both in school and through our Arts14 programming is still to be determined. Either way, this data is a celebration for both schools.


Manitou Springs School district has been leading the field in the balanced, well-informed infusion of technology in learning.  Our Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math classes lead the way in modeling the smart integration of 21st Century Learning skills with traditional academics.  These grades demonstrate the success we are having across both schools in using technology in wise ways to build enthusiasm, relevance, and rigor to our academics. As you can see, the averages show that our students are mostly at or above the proficient level.


In Physical Education, our children are, on average, at or above the proficiency levels expected for each grade.  With our district wide focus on being Healthy School Champions, this is a welcome affirmation of this component of our Wellness focus.

Success Skills End Statement

By identifying the most important “soft skills” for the 21st Century, Manitou Springs School district, and our two elementaries have take a huge leap forward in teaching and assessing these ever more important work skills.  Perseverance is an example of one of skills universally agreed to be essential in the new global economy (as are our other Elementary Success Skills: Responsibility, Collaboration, Communication, Respect, and Adaptability).  Shown here are two data points that give us both an inside look and an outside look at teacher and student perceptions of the growth of Perseverance as a daily applied skill in our classrooms.  The blue line in the left hand graph shows teacher grade averages for Perseverance across both schools.  The orange lines are the school-wide averages of student perceptions of their own success with developing this skill.  To make it even clearer, we’ve combined the teacher and student perceptions on the right.

This data shows us two exciting things: 1. We have established, through our rubrics,  rigorous expectations for the development of perseverance (and a real commitment to providing the experiences that require its development), and 2. Our teachers perceptions of student achievement and the student’s own perception of their own success are not the same (although statistically, they are close).  We love that these graphs are providing such powerful and interesting questions for us to deepen the conversations with students.  This, in addition to making progress in these skills so visible for the first time, is a huge success for both schools.

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